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World of Warcraft Reviews

The first MMORPG that combines considerable depth with intuitive gameplay. Thus, hardcore MMO Gamers and casual gamers are both able to enjoy this game. Here are a few resources that should make your experiences in World of Warcraft even greater.

Below GameOgre has included our pick for the best World of Warcraft Review as well as a link to our World of Warcraft Review page where gamers just like you can discuss what they do and don't like about the game.

Author: Synical
Rating: 10
Comment: Synical lvl 60 Warrior Turalyon server (Europe) I've played them all and conclude THIS game is the BEST, most beautiful MMORPG and most addictive game there is atm. The world is soooo big and there are so many thing to do and collect. With updates coming this game will live long. Those that rate this game lower than 9 our just jealous, nothings perfect, Blizzard suffered some problems with bugs and servers when it was released in Europe but that's normal, they are fixed fast enough! I will rate 10 for the sake this game the rate it deserves (and that 9,9)

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